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Published On: Fri, May 10th, 2024

Mayor Of KM Lays Foundation Stone of a 300M Dalasis Roads Project 

The Lord Mayor of Kanifing Municipality, Talib Ahmed Bensouda, yesterday 9th May 2024 at Bakau Newtown laid the Foundation of a 300 Million Dalasis Kanifing Municipal Road Network Project.

Mayor of KM Talib Ahmed Bensouda expressed how the project is a significant milestone as it is the largest project ever in their council’s history. He stated that the 

 project underscores their commitment to enhancing the quality of life for their members through improved infrastructure and sustainable development.

He further said “the road network project involves constructing new 11 feeder roads,2 bridges over 15.4 kilometers long.

It also constitutes installing 5.9 kilometers of drains in my own hometown the old Bakau ward with a project budget of over 300 million dalasis.

“This substantial investment aims to address the long standing issue of inadequate road networks which have hindered the connectivity and economic growth in our community improved infrastructure will not only alleviate traffic congestion but also create opportunities for economic growth, economic development and better access to essential services like education and health care.” He said.

Mayor Bensouda noted how the importance of this project cannot be overstated as improved road infrastructure is not merely about convenience but it is about connectivity,opportunity and progress.

Binta Janneh Jallow deputy mayor for KM, extended  a warm welcome to everyone that was present at the event.

She further highlighted that the ambitious project aims to expand the road network for easy transport as that would contribute to reducing traffic congestion.

She expressed that she is looking forward to a successful implementation of the project as she urged everyone to Work hand in hand for a better future for the municipal.

Pa Sait Ceesay CEO of KM, stated that he is honored to be part of this journey as it symbolized not only the beginning of a groundbreaking infrastructure project but also an evidence of their collective commitment to shaping a brighter future for the KM and their residents.

He further highlighted that the benefits of the project is far beyond improved infrastructure as the road network would have a profound impact on the lives of the residents, businesses and visitors as it would ease up the traffic flow as well as reduce congestion and enhance road safety.

Xu Peng the contractor from Longjian expressed gratitude to the Gambian people and local partners for their continuous support and guidance as they enabled Longijan to integrate into the Gambia.

“longijan is confident, determined and capable of creating a masterpiece in collaboration with the KMC and the Gambian people, a project that will leave a lasting legacy”. He said.

He stated that he believes that through the construction of this project Longijan will earn the trust of the Gambian people.

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