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" /> Voice Out Digital Maruo Farms CEO Darboe calls for introduction of Civic Education from schools for a better developed Gambia | Voice Out Digital
Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2024

Maruo Farms CEO Darboe calls for introduction of Civic Education from schools for a better developed Gambia

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Maruo farms, which is rice Production Company of about 120 hectares in the Central River Region, Musa Darboe has urged the government for the possible introduction of civic education into the schools for attitudinal change.

He said the introduction of the civic education would enable children to be taught to learn to be honest and learn to love their country without having the attitude of lying and able to help each other for a better Gambia.

CEO Darboe was speaking in an interview where he highlighted achievements registered by Maruo farms as well as obstacles faced.

Maruo farms, he said is a rice production company, established in 2018, which is involved in the entire rice value chain, from seeds to marketing with quality produced. He raised these concerns, revealing that the challenges he faced is all from the civil service.

He said “the challenges we faced is all from the civil service for the most part, because you talk about the Gambia Revenue Authority, (GRA) you have your special investment certificate from GiEPPA.”

He explained that “it is not their boss who would give you the hard time, it is not those on top. It is the little ones down that try to take advantage to make every transaction hard for you. There are obstacles for you on everywhere you go, and that is not from president Adama Barrow.”

He added that “it is me and you, the people on the streets that are trying to make everything hard for each other every day. So that attitudinal change, if it does not happen in the Gambia, it is going to be hard for us to grow.”

Mr. Darboe also revealed that despite challenges faced, he said Maruo farms has registered big achievements which ranged from the nursery stage up to packaging into bags, which he said is proudly made in the Gambia.

He noted that Maruo farms also achieved with the redirection of most youth back into the lands, which currently employed 26 people, whom most of them are youths.

Mr. Darboe revealed that the idea behind the establishment of Maruo farms in 2018 idea was to work with small holder farmers where they could help them increase their yield and productivity by providing them inputs to able to help them with the marketing.

He said that in 2018, Maruo Farms started producing with only 3 hectares which was more like a trial, which later increased to 15 hectares in 2019 and currently going up to 120 hectares. Adding that there is a plan to increase it to 1000 hectares by next year.

He emphasized that the only way they were able to do their farm work was due to mechanization, adding that though the land is available, but he said the land needs to be prepared and well developed.

“You cannot do the manual labor to cultivate this large fracture of land. But we were very lucky to have the team from China. The Chinese team introduced most of the technologies to us, like the trans-planters, harvesters and milling machines among others,” he commended the Chinese team.

He said that in a year, Maruo farms also engages over 500 people from the communities for daily labors. He urged Gambians to collectively embrace agriculture and work together, and to see how to bring down the production cost.

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