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Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2024

“Mam Tut Offered to Remove my Fingerprint from the System to Provide Visa for Me” Says PW2

The second prosecution witness (PW2), Muhammed Keita during his testimony stated that he informed Mam Tut the accused person that he had an appointment at the Embassy in September 2022, where his visa application was rejected, but Mam Tut offered to remove his fingerprint from the system and provide a visa for him, as her position at the US embassy is next to the Consul.

Muhammed Keita highlighted in Court how he got to Mam Tut through a mutual friend Fansu Singateh as fansu was the one that informed him that Mam Tut works with the US Embassy and processes visas so Fansu helped Muhammed to get in Contact with Mam Tut. Muhammed Proceeded to say that during his conversations with Mam Tut Wadda over the phone, she identified herself as Amie Njie and she works at the Embassy in Banjul.

Muhammed Keita (PW2) further revealed that Mam Tut asked him to pay her D25,000 but after a recent meeting with her he informed her that due to his financial status he was only having D10,000 available to which Mam Tut agreed to and he made the payment through a bank withdrawal, and Mam Tut scheduled a date in November for their visit to the Embassy.

Keita further stated that he never proceeded to the Embassy as she promised, and Mam Tut failed to refund the D10,000 payment he made to her and also, he recommended Mam Tut’s services to over 10 individuals who were seeking visa assistance.

The case was adjourned to 14th of February 2024.

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