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Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2024

CEO of GTTV Urges Youth Empowerment through Skill Development

In his recent speech at the Gambia Talents Promotions graduation, the CEO of GTTV Pa Ousman Joof, emphasized the importance of teaching employable skills to the youth. He highlighted that young people in the country are hardworking and just need opportunities, support, and guidance. The CEO’s passionate call for empowering the youth resonated with all attendees, inspiring them to pursue their dreams with confidence. 

Mr Joof added that he is delighted to mention that since the inception of this training program, they have trained over 600 youths in multimedia and administrative skills which includes graphics designs, web designs, computer maintenance, public speaking and among others. And that over 300 of them are currently employed by other institutions and some of them are self employed, giving the young people the skills that will get them employable. 

Mr Joof buttress that young people around the country want to benefit from this program and that these people are not average privileged young Gambians but they are school dropouts, back-way returnees, and people who have completed high school  and young people who do not have no financial means to proceed to the tertiary level . 

Mr Joof appealed to the Gambians, partners and the government to support GTTV, and that he wants to do more of this initiative, adding that at no point in time that they have 100 applications sitting on their desk from the people who apply to go under this training program but he appeal to the government to allocate a land for them to build and to be able to expand and continue the project. 

The graduation brought together various personnel ranging from the Honorable Minister of Information Lamin Queen Jammeh, Minister of Higher Education Pierre Gomez, Mayor of KMC Talib Ahmed Bensouda, Former Vice president Dr. Isatou Touray and among other dignitaries. 

Former Vice President of the Gambia Isatou Touray during her speech in the graduation discuss the importance of youth in acquiring skills for employability and addressing depressing issues about Back-way and migration saying that people should understand the underlying factors driving the youths to embark on this dangerous journey seeking opportunities even if it means risking their life in the process, she thanked Mr Joof and his cohorts for intervening to ensure that Irregular Migration is greatly reduced by the opportunity that was given to these group of students to ensure that they live a meaningful life.

Isatou Touray further stressed out that they reject the notion that Migration with all its associated risk and hardship is not the only path way for a better life for the youths of this country, but she said instead they envisioned the youths where they can drive and prosper right here in the county, where they can contribute to the growth and development of there communities in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

She highlighted that the solution to the Back-way Migration lies in addressing the root causes that drive youths on this tremendous journey called Back-way in search of greener pastures and empowering the youths with the tools, skills and opportunities they need to be successful and live a meaningful life in the country. She added “the Gambia has talents and that if the youths are given the opportunity and we are ready to invest in them, we shall be proud and the Gambia will be a proud country” she said.

In the same event, Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Professor Pierre Gomez highlighted that the efforts of the Gambia Talents Promotions (GTTV) in empowering youth through multi-media training aligns closely in the same direction of his ministry and goals which includes; the youth development plan, providing young Gambians with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the multimedia industry, adding that GTTV is directly contributing to their vision of fostering the skill and informative work force that derive to the national development of the Gambia.

Mr Gomez added that GTTV focus is on youth employability and the objectives of promoting the social and economic goal and reducing youth unemployment by creating avenues for skills development, entrepreneurship, and he said together these efforts arrange the foundation for a more prosperous and conclusive future for the Gambia and the promotion of TVET.

Mr Gomez concluded by celebrating the achievements of the graduates that they recognize the importance of continuing to support programs like GTTV that invest in the youths and promote their employability, adding that the skills and expertise gained through this training program do not only benefit the graduates individually but also contribute to the overall development of the nation.

He commends the graduates for their hard work and dedication throughout the program, adding that their commitment to learning is truly commendable and he has no doubt that they will go on to achieve great success in their career.

Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council Talib Ahmed Bensouda advise the graduand that for the 99% if anyone want to be successful, the person have to have patient and the willingness to go slow to learn and work hard, adding that in a leadership role you most listen to others, willing to learn from others, being humble, modest and taking others perspectives on board is critical to succeed. 

Mr Bensouda disclosed that the Kanifing Municipality is currently building a public library which has an innovative graphic design lap and among others, in which he said it will be free for the GTTV students to come an utilize and work on their skills, he further thanked Pa Ousman of GTTV for this initiative.

However, a politician and an Activist Nenneh Freda Gomez said “everyone wants to be leader but I believe that as soon as you are born you become a leader in how you impact people’s life and I believe that leadership is influence, love, service. And I don’t believe that leadership is privileged, position, status but in this current stage we are in the Gambia they see leadership as who is seeing me, who is hearing me, who is clapping for me, who is happy with me and who is not happy with me, that is not leadership ” she emphasize. 

Freda Gomez told the graduates that all the skills instilled on them are very important, adding that they are going on a war and they should use it to the best interest of themselves, the people around them and the country by extension, and for them to work hard to benefit themselves and their families. And she said that people lack discipline and that is what is needed in today’s world, is a set of disciplined people with a disciplined mindset very ready and willing to take disciplinary actions, and which she said needs to be instilled in everyone.

The Gambia Talents Promotions (GTTV) recently held its second Internship graduation at the Gambia Hotel Institute hall (GHI) in Kanifing, where over 40 students graduated of whom are either employed by Gambia talent promotion, some are working somewhere else and some are self employed. The event was geared towards celebrating young people who have undergone vigorous training in Journalism and Multi talent as interns at the Gambia Talents Promotions Company (GTTV).

Gambian Talents Promotions is a nonprofit organization by helping to tap, nurturing and promoting talents and culture in offering training. The program has trained more than 600 youths in multimedia and administrative skills at no cost to them in their pilot phase and training program.

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