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Published On: Mon, May 8th, 2023

Land Ministry seeks to overcome all land disputes, effect proper land management before 2026

The Minster of Lands, Regional Governments, Religious and NGO Affairs, Honorable Sheriff Abba Sanyang says that hisministry seeks with the intention to strive overcoming all land disputes andensuring proper land management in the country before 2026.

The Minister further noted that the ministry intends to introduce a system where every land in the country will be registered, where every compound or building would evaluated, for everybody to able to see his or her land and able to know the value of their land at any given time.

In a recent  interview with Honorable Sheriff Abba Sanyang on his ministry’s effective implementation of the recommendations tasked to all ministries by the late Vice President AlieuBadara Joof at the recent cabinet treated held at the SDKJ conference center in Bijilo.

He confirmedthat there has been several recommendations during the retreat and several proposals made in respect to the departments of physical planning and departments of lands under his ministry.

He said that “we have gone through so much and we still insisting to make sure that our performance will abide with the laws of the country and also to operate on issues that enhance a better livelihood for Gambian people without hindrances.”

He noted that he vividly recalled that during the retreat, that there was mentioned of encroachment and illegal constructions, where the late Vice President stressed the aspect of demolition in most areas, particularly the areas people faced during rainy season.

“You remember that during the flood last year, in several areas, we discovered that few elements are contributing factors. One is people’s construction on water ways, dumping in the water and also blocking water ways with the illegal constructions some of which are construction which are not permitted,” he noted.

“Sometimes we have problems with road networking which all factors are contributing immensely on water flaw leading into floods in some areas. These ware part of the issues we discovered during the retreat with the late Vice President AlieuBadaraJoof,” he recalled.

He noted that they are greatly focused on planning saying that “because we feel this entails a lot and it would help the country have a general flaw, but we will require the absolute support of the citizens, because land planning would highly depend on land uses and that would depend on the available land”.

Minister Sanyang advanced that however, people need to consult with the Ministry, particularly the departments of land and physical planning and advice of the general scope of land management and land utilization. He added that it has been a difficult trend.

He concluded that they are trying to go through those difficulties in bringing a lot of innovations that would avail the opportunity to do a thorough planning of the country and to alleviate most of the land difficulties citizens are facing over time.

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