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" /> Voice Out Digital Lamin Village Development Committee Refutes Reports on Allocation of Land to Individuals | Voice Out Digital
Published On: Tue, Jun 27th, 2023

Lamin Village Development Committee Refutes Reports on Allocation of Land to Individuals

Members of the Lamin Village Development Committee and its affiliated sports
committee on Sunday jointly rejected publication made by what’s On Gambia
indicating that one Suku Singahteh has being allocated a big portion of land at the
community’s reserved land, called Side-3.

This was revealed at a press conference organized by the Lamin VDC held at the
said reserved land. The overall land space is said to be covered by 426m by 639m
by 508m by 608 meters.
Speaking at the press conference, Jammeh E.K. Bojang, Chairman of the Lamin
Village Development Committee revealed that the said alleged allocation was not
in the consent of the Lamin Alkalo, no the village elders or the sports committee.
He revealed that the area site-3, which is a property of Lamin Village, was leased
to the Agricultural Unit of the then Agriculture Department under Yahya Jmmeh’s
regime to enable them conduct trials in the said land.

Mr. Bojang said “in 2014/2015 precisely, the lease expired and the land was
handed over to the community of Lamin when former President Yahya Jammeh
was in power. It was returned with a sketch plan and the infrastructure that was
to be built in this area.”
He said “we are calling on the government to intervene before it gets to crises
point. We don’t want it. What government calls on now is development and we
are all putting our hands on deck to achieve that and develop our communities.”
He advanced “we call on the President and his Cabinet to look at the dynamics of
land and help protect them for the communities. Elections have passed, so
protections of the people should be essence now.”

He added that Lamin is one of the major zones in the country which annually
registers 24 football teams within Lamin and its surrounding.
He said “we went to the Police Station and gave a statement. We made it clear to
the Police that we are the owners of this land and we are never going to give it up
for anything or anybody.”

In his remarks, Yusufa J. Gommez, Lamin VDC Secretary General revealed that “in
our master-plan of this area, we were planning to demarcate a mini stadium, a
clinic, a Post Office, a Fire and Rescue Service Station, a market and a national
garage among other amenities.” He said that discussions have been done in the
Ministry of Interior and the Governor’s Office in Brikama.”
“We will never give up this land for anybody and for anything. We want
government to protect our lands, this is what belongs to us. We should be equally
in the eyes of the law.”

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