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Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2023

Kemo Fatty Insinuates Neither Sainabou   Nor Talib are Innocent

Kemo Fatty, former Mbalit Project Manager and the Founder of Green-up Gambia insinuates that neither Sainabou Martin Sonko Nor Talib Bensouda are innocent because they are both harboring  corruption in the council.

Kemo Fatty made these remarks in a video that he published online and said  that he is not talking because Sainabou Martin Sonko is totally innocent.

He emphazised that Sainabou Martin has claimed she has done nothing wrong and in fact she is actually heading back to council into her office, “but in fact you are as corrupt as the rest of the people who have been there for far too long” Fatty said .

Kemo expressed disappointment towards Mayor Bensouda and mentioned  that he cannot say that the  Mayor is involved in any criminal activities but he has seen Talib  harbor big criminals in the council. He further disclosed  that he has  been working at the Bakoteh dumpsite for nearly 3yrs plus volunteering at the council.

“my organization had  an MOU with the KMC in other to control dumping at the KMC, we were able to achieve this and zero fires during the time we were there, obviously you know that it was something that was propelled by the KMC because in a day we pay atleast  1000 euros for a bulldozer, sometimes these people pay bulldozers and they go there for one week and no job is done because  they are not supervising the hours the bulldozer is making, they are taking the fuel that needs to go in to the bulldozer or sometimes the bulldozer would not ever work all of does days, when I come on that side, i realized how exactly to transform the side, we have turned the side from making zero dalasis to almost 300,000 a month in all this 300,000 that i’m generating from revenue at this bakoteh dumpsite 270,000 was missing in the sale.” He explained.

The founder of Green-up Gambia then continued his narration and said “ I was like what is going on, i went to the cashier and i got documents were I have seen that the daily sales that have been recorded  in council do not actually go into council covers,my sales is not tallying with the one which is in council income statement and I went back to the council to my boss’s and explains this to them, they refused to listen to this because they were the one  lying, I went to the internal audit, put the case to them, I went to the finance department, I put the case to them, I went to the CEO herself Sainabou Martin and put the case to her and her respond was “you know in any administration this is what you have to do” but Sainabou Martin did not take any action because they are conniving together. “

The KMC CEO who were suspended in July 2021 for corruption allegations explained that she “will only resume work when [she] have access to [her] office”.

After their suspensed pending an investigation on alleged corruption around a D12 Million Loan, an investigation was launched by the KMC Mayor and a Commission of Inquiry was announced by the Ministry of Lands which failed to materialise.

In addition to this Inspectors from the Ministry of Lands conducted their own parallel investigation. To date the Ministry of Lands has not publicised any findings or implemented any recommendations from the Inspection Report.

Now a Commission of Inquiry announced by the Ministry of Lands on all Council Loans from 2018 to 2023 has over taken events but facing stiff resistance from Local Government’s who are gearing up for re-election by 20th May 2023.

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