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Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2022

Kanifing Municipal Council belongs to Gambians, but not UDP says  President Barrow

The President of the third Republic of the Gambia, His Excellency, Adama Barrow has made it clear that the head office of the KanifingMunicipal Council belongs to Gambians and not to the United Democratic Party (UDP).

He noted that there will be no two governments at the same time, and as far as he is the legitimate president, he should be given the maximum respect he deserves with obedience in accordance with the law for the interest of the nation.

President Barrow was speaking Sunday night at Talinding Buffer Zone in the Kanifing Municipality as the 2022 meet with the people tour reached the KMC under the theme “together we can accelerate socio-economic growth and maintain peace and stability.”

He advised the Kanifing Municipal Council to closely work with the central government, adding that there would be no development in the KMC if they don’t work with government.

President Barrow said despite the fact that the new KMC head office was heavily funded by the central government, he said its inauguration was heavily politicized where no top central government official was invited talk less inviting the head of state. “It was so disappointing to behave in such manners,” Barrow stated.

He confirmed that the central government should have been duly invited to the inauguration of the KC Head office.

“I didn’t deploy the security to stop the inaugural process because my government is tolerance and working according to law,” while he urged the KMC to collaborate with the central government for the interest of the nation.

He informed that his leadership is law governed with principles hence he does not want to execute powers over anybody which is not accordance to law.

Responding to issue of crime rates raised in the meeting, Barrow   applauded the security personnel while he further urged the public to corporate with the security to ensure there are no more crimes in the societies.

He acknowledged that the percentage of crime rate in the Gambia to have dropped massively, while he urged communities and parents to partake in ending domestic violence by inculcating their kids with good morals.

President Barrow called for attitudinal change while states that “the Gambia does not belong to Adama Barrow, but to all citizens, even if you decide to against me or my agenda, you should have the love for your country and strive to work for the interest of your nation as Gambians.

We could be of different political backgrounds, but the fact is that we are all Gambians and this is what matters and most significant.

 Let’s have the same vision for our nation and strive together, whether you believe it or not, nobody will develop our nation for us, it is our collective responsibility to,” he told citizens at the Buffer Zone meeting.

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