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Published On: Tue, May 14th, 2024

Justice Jaiteh Admits Key Items as Evidence in State Vs Yugo Sowe Case

Justice Jaiteh of the Banjul High Court, with no objections from Defense Counsel O. Susso, admits  crucial items like a Cutlass, wrapper/bedsheet, Sea-green Haftan, mattress, and a shirt as exhibits P3 to P7, tendered by State Counsel A. Gibba in the case of State Vs Yugo Sowe.

The witness Omar Drammeh, a police officer highlighted that after the accused person’s second wife confirmed that the cutlass and clothes belonged to her husband (Accused), they took the exhibits along with the accused back to base and upon their arrival at the base, the accused and the cutlass plus the clothes were both handed over to the charge office for them to book the arrival for both the accused and the exhibits.

The recovered items were shown to the witness for identification which he did, as he identified the cutlass as a small and long cutlass with a black handle, the mattress as an old one with blood all over it, the wrapper /bedsheet used to wrap the victim in when she was being taken to the hospital as a white one with colors attached to it, the haftan as a sea-green haftan, and also the shirt as one with blood stains on it.

State counsel asked the witness which part of the house was the shirt retrieved from in the accused person’s second wife house to which he (Drammeh ) said it was retrieved from the back of the house. He (Drammeh)was asked to give a description of the house of the accused person’s 2nd wife’s house to which he confirmed that it was a room and a parlor with one bed. He (Drammeh ) highlighted that when he went to the accused person’s second wife he met just the second wife with a baby inside in house while there were other people inside the compound as there were line houses.

At this point state Counsel had no further questions so the court proceeded to the cross- examination of the witness by the defense counsel.

During the cross-examination defense counsel O.Susso asked the witness (Drammeh) if it is true that he told the court that he had received a call that an old woman was attacked by armed robbers to which he (Drammeh) said yes it is true as that was the information he got from the call.

Time elapsed and the case was adjourned to the 20th of May at 12pm for continuation of Cross-Examination of Pw2.

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