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Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2023

JSC Appoints Five First Class Magistrates

 The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) appointed five (5) First Class Magistrates, who took their oath of office before the Hon. Chief Justice and JSC members at the High Court grounds in Banjul.

 The newly appointed Magistrate judges are David Gomez, Thomas Fuad Touray, Ismaila Dibba, Essa Sarr and Musa .F. Fofana; they all took an Oath of office to execute their duties without fear or favor as first class Magistrates.

Thomas Fuad Touray during his statement stated that they have been briefed on the eight strategic goals of the judiciary of the Gambia’s strategic plan for 2021-2025 and that they wholeheartedly dedicate to assisting the judicial administration in accomplishing these objectives.

 He further said that as newly appointed Magistrates, they recognize the weight of their duties to dispense justice impartially and without prejudice and also understand how their decisions will impact the lives of individuals, families and communities therefore they vow to approach each case with utmost diligence, ensuring that the rule of law prevails and justice is served.

Justice Omar MM Njie, Judge at the Supreme Court highlighted that the Magistrates have a wide jurisdiction when it comes to aspect of dispensing justice because they have the jurisdiction to determine all cases expect for those with live imprisonment or death penalties.

Justice Njie advised the newly appointed Magistrates to take their functions very seriously by ensuring the dispensation of justice in a timely and appropriate manner.

 Chief Justice Hassan .B. Jallow during the closing remarks of the ceremony said it is a challenging job but none the less an honorable one because there is nothing as honorable as wiping the tears off the face of people who have been opposed as well as giving justice to people that seek the truth and justice.

 He further advised the sworn in Magistrates to not be biased but fair towards everyone that goes before them.

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