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Published On: Wed, Mar 27th, 2019


How much money has been spent on the Janneh commission of enquiry since its inception.

The total amount of money spent by the Janneh commission since its inception in July 2017 to date is Fifty million, nine hundred and sixty one dalasis, D50,951,261. This includes all the expenses incurred in the course of their investigations including but not limited to honorarium paid to the three commissioners and fifty eight staffs working at the commission throughout this period, counsel’s fees, fuel, stationery, food, security, rentals, etc.

We must also note that in the course of its work, the commission was able to generate monies from its activities including D67,894,170.00 from the sales of 138 tractors and 458 vehicles including scraps D8, 302,970.00 from the sale of 725 head of cattles as well as bank accounts frozen and or diverted by the commission and other properties discovered as a result of their work the Janneh commission.

The work of the Janneh commission should not however be measured in monetary terms alone. The value of their work exceeds the monetary value that I am sharing.

 I am proud to report that largely because of their work, conducted in a professional manner with respect and adherence to due process, fairness,and transparency. We have exposed the alarming scale of corruption and financial delinquency of the former president, we have shared information generated in the course of tracking and recovery of assets procured through illicit enrichment and we have registered some success in this endeavour, and we have seen a tightening of financial regulations by government departments and agencies to prevent corruption and financial leakages in the system.

We intend to recover the entire cost of the Janneh commission investigations, by making those against whom financial adverse findings have been made to bear the coast of recovery in proportion to their  responsibilities as found.

The number of foundations and charitable organization of a comprehensive list registered at the ministry of justice from 1st January 2017 to 11 march 2019 is three thousand, four hundred and seventy.

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