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Published On: Fri, May 10th, 2024

GPST Donates 36M Dalasis Worth of Equipment Among Others to GPF 

The German Police Support Team earlier today donated equipment along with a Pavilion worth 36 Million Dalasis to the Gambia Police Force.

The Inspector General of Police Seedy Muctarr Touray highlighted that since the inception of the German Police Support Team Project in 2018, they have been supportive to the GPF’s transformation agenda which is to make the Gambia Police Force “a professional, accountable public service respecting human rights and the rule of law.”

He further said with the support of GPST the GPF is making steady progress in modern 

day policing which requires the police to make effective use of scientific evidence in proving cases.

IGP Touray also assured the GPST that the support equipment would be optimally utilized specifically by the targeted beneficiary units for enhanced service delivery.

Mr Steffan Haas, Deputy head of Project GPST expressed that since the start of their project in 2018, they have been committed to supporting the Gambia Police Force in their efforts to transform into a modern and effective police force.

He also stated that in order to ensure this transformation, they supported the infrastructure from the very beginning and provided numerous capacity building trainings ranging from ToT-Trainings in operation level, crowd control, Selection & Recruitment, Traffic Policing to Crime Scene Management.

Mr Haas expressed that It is essential that they continue to support the Gambia Police Force with equipment and training programs.

Mr Klaus Botzet, the German Ambassador expressed how grateful he is for the leadership of President  Adama Barrow, the guidance of NSA Aboubakarr Jeng and the cooperation of the Minister of the Interior and the Inspector General of the Police as without their support and cooperation, they wouldn’t  have see so much progress today.

He also stated that Good equipment is important for good police work and that they are proud that this first-class gear will be put to good use in the Gambia.

He further highlighted that in a democratic society, respecting the rule of law and human rights need to be firmly anchored in the head of each police officer, from the top to the rank and file and due to this reason  both parts of the German Project are giving so much attention to training.

Adeline Basangeh Commissioner of PIU,highlighted how the GPST has conducted twenty-two (22) training packages for five hundred and ninety-four (594) personnel from the PIU on diverse pieces of training ranging from Public Order Management tactics and formations (POM), Special Intervention Unit (SIU), Advance and leadership training and Training of trainers (TOT).

“As we receive these valuable items today, we are reminded of the profound impact that partnership and cooperation can have in advancing law enforcement, safety and security. The items we received represent more than just equipment, they represent the shared dedication of our partners to strengthening the capacity and capabilities of our personnel.” He said.

He further stated that the support of their partners is instrumental in enabling them to adapt, innovate, and respond effectively to emerging security needs, through training initiatives, technological progress, and infrastructural development, as they have also played a pivotal role in equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to uphold the principles of justice to safeguard the human rights and freedoms of all citizens.

The German Police Support Team donated equipment including 2 Workstation Lenovo idea Centre 3, 2 Monitor Asus 27 Zoll, 6 Laptop HP Probook 450 15.6 incl. int . LTE Module, 3 Epson WF-C58790DWF (incl. 2 sets of ink tanks), 9 Microsoft online licences (HP laptops framework agreement), 1 Acer P5630 or similar projector, 2 Caméra Canon EOS 20000D with lens 18-55, 1 Mech size measuring rod (e.g.MSF200), 20 pylons (e.g.stop! Fitness, 37cm/ 10x red and 10x yellow), 2 Measuring tape 100m for fitness test, 1000 Intelligence test CFT- 20R (Culture fair in English), 1 Manuals and booklets (2x), evaluation software (2x) reusable test booklets (100x)/CFT 20-R, 1000 Concentration tests, paper-pencil (eg D2 at Hogrefe publishing group), 1 Manuals templates for concentration tests, 5 Cables and other accessories for IT, 2 Waterproof /tropical camera case, 2 scales (mechanical bathroom scales), 2 Laminator Olympia A396 plus  incl.125 Films,5000 Reflective tape Orafol ORALITE Maxi Gaps VC 110 15 mm spacing, 5 lighting for CheckPoints Pell 9490, 2 Toyota Minivan Hiace Customized, 15 Yamaha YBR125G Bike Customized, 3 Toyota Hillux Double Cabin Pick-Up Customized, 1 Android tablet with SIM for filing/reporting statistics, 1 Training material for load securing / tension belt systems, 50 High-visibility vest, 33 Motorbike helmet ECE compliant, 8 Camera Canon EOS 250D with lens 18-55, 8 Flash attachment suitable for camera, 8 Waterproof/tropical camera case, 8 Tripod for camera, 8 Small parts (battery, SD card, reader, angle standard scale , 2 Toyota Hillux Double Cabin 4×4 Pick-up with windowless/ lockable Hardtop Customized, 6 Zarges aluminium boxes for stowing equipment,8 Crime scene lighting Peli 9490 Inci. 12/24 Volt Car-kit Charger,2 Dust Print Lift, 4 Dispenser, 2 Welding tongs,2 Tool case incl. tools, 2 Extension ladder 3m, 2 Saw, 2 Folding shovel, 2 Folding pop-up tent, with side panels and labeling “Gambia Police Force” 3×4.5m., 2 Barrier and marking material (basic crime scene equipment),2 Consumables (crime scene work), 2 Personal protective equipment in several sizes, 105 Print curriculum, 4500 Printing Instructional letters, 35 Moderator case, 400 combat boots, 800 Functional socks, 200 Combat gloves, 100 Flame protection hoods, 25 Tying system (tourniquet), 200 Rattan sticks, 10 SP1 impact pad, 100 SNIPEX cutting tool, 400 STS polycarbonate tonfa, 400 Baton holster T8960, 106 Police helmets with neck protection, 25 Socket bar, 5 Drohne DJI Mavic 3 T, 6 Flashlights with charger (LED Lenser), 1 multfuntional Pavilion (new constructed), 6 Wheel Barrow Large, 10 Spade (Metal),5 Pix Axe-Wood Handle, 6 Handsaw, 1 Demolition Drill, 1 Marble Cutter for Tile Cutting, 1 40m Nylon Rope (12mm),1 Tarpaulin (8m x10m).

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