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Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2022

Gov’t urged to considerably address fuel price outrage as Gambians are in grieve

As commercial drivers effect their planned sit-down strike which has badly paralysed public transportations in the Greater Banjul Area and other parts of the country, Gambians urged the central government to drastically address the issue with immediate effect as they are in grieve.

The strike which whish started Monday, due to the fuel scandal in the country, has led many people stranded on highways which negatively impacted their daily transactions.

Speaking to VOD,MariamaCeesay, a business woman complained as she stood on the highway stranded for a long time without a trace of a vehicle as she was supposed to go to the market to sell her stuff and then go home to cook for her family.

She explained that if the situation coincided with schools opened today, it would have worsen the situation as they would have to report back to schools as first day of the academic term. She pointed out that the scandal would force them to sit at home and wait. “ You don’t except all those school going children to walk including the small children up to their destination’’ she said

Isatou Cham also lamented that this kind of strike by the drivers never occurred in the country, which shows how serious it is. Adding that as business women, they are the most affected ones as they depend on public transportation to reach out to the markets, which badly affects their business activities.

BadouNdow, said as he departed for work yesterday morning, the sit-down strike caused him so much delay which has hindered their daily work.

“I have been standing here for the past two hours, still I am not able to have a vehicle to go to work. We the carpenters work by day, but today I will lose that due to the strike scandal. The government should act fast, and address the situation of the fuel issue because if they keep on adding the price of the fuel and deprive the drivers from adding the price of the transport that will cause chaos and no one was expecting that things will be so serious like this one,” he underscored.He lamented that Gambians to be really suffering because of the sad situation.

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