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Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Generation Faced With Scarcity of Role Model

Generation Faced With Scarcity of Role Models

By Patrick Nyumba

Gone are the days when children used to emulate their parents. Every child’s dream was to grow and emulate their parents. Young men adored their fathers while young women literally worshiped their mothers. In most of the developing countries more so in Africa young men could learn the hunting techniques from their fathers. Young women were taught the basics of home keeping.

Fast forward the talents that various sexes displayed are no longer common. Positive Role modeling is almost nearing extinction. In today’s society where time is really limited and people are busy establishing their selves, the young folks are left to fight for their own and identify the characters that they can relate to. In the modern times the speed of doing things is of essence. Role modelling in itself it’s an art. It is a practice whereby one individual admires the quality of character displayed by the other and tries to emulate them. Unfortunately the behaviours adapted from the role models can be either positive or negative.

In the current generation where success is driven by fame, wealth and power, most of the younger adults have chosen to emulate the celebrities. It is not a bad idea considering the fact that some of these celebrities are young and have made a name and fortune out of their selves. There are those celebrities who have higher sense of dignity and valuable personalities worth emulating. However most of the younger adults have chosen to emulate some vulgar habits from the celebrities like drug abuse, Gangster lifestyles and ill-manners portrayed by a huge section of celebrities. Our younger adults are not to blame since their close relatives or associates were unable to portray the characters that they desired hence opted to go for the celebrities.

Most of the young adults in the developing countries mostly from the poor back-ground always lack the people to look up to. Role models are so scarce in those parts that some of the young adults chose to be their own role models. Others who have not yet defined their personality always go the wrong direction. They choose to emulate the high rated criminals and become their associate to gain a portion of power that the criminal possess. While emulating the negative attributes from their role models; they always struggle to outshine them which dent the social well-being of that locality.

In every society, there are those people who naturally have positive attributes. They play a huge role in societal well-being. Regrettably the media has a played a massive role in shaping our opinions and taste on the people to emulate. Most media always worship those people who are extremely talented or are wealthy irregardless of the negative attributes they display without fear. This leads to erosion of some of the positive attributes that the young adult possessed earlier to be replaced by the standardized behaviors which in most circumstances are always negative.

In the modern world where adults are so engrossed in chasing after wealth and power, they should understand that the younger generations are looking up to them. The characters that they posses or display affects the younger generation directly or indirectly. Everybody should go back to the drawing board and analyze their character. Everything that we do determines the success or failure of the young and upcoming generations.



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