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Published On: Thu, Dec 8th, 2022

Gambia hosts African Religious Ministers and Ullamas Conference

The Gambia has on Tuesday hosted the first ever African Religious Ministers and Ullamas conference at the Sir DawdaKairabaJawra International Conference Center which converged about 3000 Muslims with 81 international delegates from 38 African countries.

The event was organized by the Muslim World League in partnership with the government under the theme:‘Promotion of Peace, Understanding, and Unity among Communities and Nations’, was with the aim to extend the bridges of dialogue and cooperation as the way to realize a world full of peace, justice, and coexistence.

In his welcoming remarks, President Adama Barrow thanked the Muslim World League for sponsoring and identifying the Gambia as the host of the event. He noted that this philanthropic organization has consistently engaged in tremendous life-changing activities around the world.

President Barrow further noted that it is impractical to divorce religious beliefs from culture and social settings, or religious obligations from civic responsibilities, which he said must be blend and balance the two sides of life harmoniously in order to succeed both ways.

Reflecting on the continent, Barrow revealed that Africa has been the object of infiltration and exploitation of various forms which has been a battleground for contending world powers and the epicenter of ethnic rivalry and conflict, leading to the fluidity of our cultures and values.

He advanced that with the infiltration of various influences, Muslims continue to be divided into different sects and even fight each other like enemies. 

However, he said despite all fears and challenges, there are lots of opportunities to reverse these trends, that and formal educational institutions, for instance, have the potential to strengthen Islamic knowledge and complement efforts to preserve the main teachings of Islam.

He said that Muslims, especially the youths and elites, also have many options to build their capacity, balance their worldview and values, and resist adopting non-Islamic ways of life.

That Through these openings, more African Muslims, including scholars, can serve as agents of peace and unity to further fortify Islam and the fabric of African communities and nations”-Said the president.

The Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Muhammad Bun Abdul Karim Al-Isa said that the event is a landmark conference that brings together scholars, Ullamas together and world leaders at large.

In his part, Honorable Sheriff Abba Sanynag, the Minister of Lands, Regional Government, Religious and NGO Affairs and chairperson of the Local Coordinating Committee, urged all participants to network in as much as possible,stating that their collective responsibilities as ministers  responsible for religious affairs is to serve as the link in unifying the Ullamas and the world at large.

 He noted the forum should mark a great day for forgiveness in the country, adding that they were at the forum to share the peace and love and to accept each other.

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