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Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2022

Former NAM for Foni Constituency urged Barrow to provide health Center in Foni

Kaddy Camara, former National Assembly Member for Foni Constituency has appealed to President Adama Barrow to secure a health center for the Foni communities to be erected any convenient location within the districts of Foni.

She noted that from FoniBerefet, to Bondali, Kansala, Bintang to Jarrol, there is only one health facilities in those communities, she noted that having an additional health center would be of great improvement as they seek medical attention for their health issues.

Madam Camara was speaking recently at the ongoing meet with the people tour during a joint meeting held byFoniJarrol, Bondali, Kansala, Bintang and Berefet constituencies held at Sibanor in the West Coast Region, in the ongoing meet with the people tour.

She however highlighted their need for the possible extension of electricity supply to other communities within the five districts that are still in darkness, adding that as their women venture into agricultural activities, she further urged for Barrow’s government to aid them with farming equipment to boost their harvests.

As some APRC militants in Foni still finding it difficult to recognize or accept the current leadership, she urged the people of those communities to accept the reality and live peacefully in support of the current government.

She noted that there will be no development in the absence of peace and stabilities, while she urged all religious leaders and elders of Foni to dialogue within their communities and families for a peaceful coexistence and to further dialogue with their children, adding that nobody fights a government.

Fanta Suso, who spoke on behalf of the women of Foni also revealed that her surrounding communities to be currently in sort of water and electricity supply, particularly in some of their schools. She further noted that they have been severely affected by the heavy rain which resulted to poor harvest of crops.  

Aji Awa Bah also pointed out that, they have been facing challenges of water shortages from FoniBerefet to Kalagi, particularly in Ndemban-Farafenni communities.

“We really need President Barrow’s empowerment because the women of Besse community don’t have garden for them to cultivate vegetables, we depend on farming for living. As the rainy season ends, we go back to the gardens,” she revealed. “So many people are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, all because of the types of food they consume, so we are appealing to you for farming equipment to produce enough and healthy food for our families,” she concluded. 

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