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Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2023

Finance  Minister says Government is Devoted To Achieve Targets Set For Health Sector

The Honorable Minister of Finance, Seedy KM. Keita has highlighted that the Gambia government is committed towards the achievement of the targets set out for the health sector with further commitment to achieving the universal health coverage by ensuring inclusive, equitable, and quality health services delivery to enable all Gambians and residents of the Gambia to be healthy to achieve their full potentials.

Honorable Keita was speaking on behalf of President Adama Barrow on Saturday during the World Bank Mid-Term review in collaboration with Ministry of Health on the Gambia essential health services strengthening project with highlights of the achievements in the health sector year 2020-2023 and completion review of the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response project    .

Held at the SDKJ Conference Centre in Bijilo, he further assured government commitment to continue to strengthen and expend the health sector, adding that they are putting in place appropriate and well equipped infrastructure, increasing the number of health workers and building their capacities as they accelerate their tireless efforts to grow the economy, enhance hope, dignity and uplift livelihoods in The Gambia.

He advanced that health is an important pillar of human capital as good health makes people realize their potential as productive members of society. While health is a fundamental determinant of economic growth through its positive impact in reducing productivity losses, increasing productivity among the youth and adults and improving children’s learning and knowledge acquisition.

E stated that adequate investment in healthcare will no doubt lead to improvement in the health sector and bring quality healthcare near the doorstep of the population.

“My government’s commitment to the health sector is abundantly shown by the huge infrastructure investment made since 2020. Excluding salaries and other support to the health sector, my government has spent more than 394 Million Dalasis to rehabilitate the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and the Poly Clinic, and build 6 new health facilities across the country in Njau, Tumana, MankamangKunda, Kissima jaw, Kiang Jali and Salikenni.

He thanked the World Bank for the financial and technical contribution to the project and for its continued support and commitment to the development of the country, while he reiterated his government’s readiness and commitment to support the World Bank and the entire UN system and other partners in the implementation of the Country Partnership Framework for The Gambia FY 2022-2026.

He extended President Barrow’s appreciation to Dr Samuel Mills, the World Bank Task Team Leader who has provided tremendous technical assistance to the Ministry of Health in realizing all these achievements in such a short period.

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