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Published On: Thu, May 2nd, 2024

“Every Child Deserves Access to Quality Education” Says NHRC Chairman Joof

The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Emmanuel Daniel giving his statement at an NHRC-organized training and quiz competition for students with disabilities, held at the school of the Gambia Organization for Visually Impaired (GOVI) in Kanifing, stating that every child deserves access to quality education, by advancing the rights of disabilities, ensuring that they have equal opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive academically and socially.

Emmanuel Daniel said advancing the rights of children with disabilities in schools is not just a moral and societal obligation but also a legal one.

“Advancing the rights of children with disabilities in schools is not just a moral and societal obligation but also a legal requirement, schools are miniature copy of society and should reflect its diversity. Advancing the rights of children with disabilities fosters an inclusive environment, where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their abilities,” the NHRC chair emphasized

The event was centered on the rights of children with disabilities, and was organized in collaboration with UNICEF and other partners.

He mentioned that it’s important that people with disabilities understand and know their rights so that they can claim these rights. 

UNICEF Representative in The Gambia, Nafisa BinteShafique, said human rights knowledge should be spread so that citizens will be aware of their rights.

Nafisa BinteShafique, highlighted “16 percent of the entire world’s population lives with some form of disabilities. So, don’t think that it is negligible. 16 percent is a high percentage. So, that’s why it is important you know about UNCRC, which is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNCRPD which is the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of People with Disabilities” she said.

The UN Representative Nafisa BinteShafique said that when talking about rights, there are always two parties which includes; the right holders and the duty bearers, “who are here to fulfill those rights, and just knowing your rights is not enough because you have responsibilities coming with your rights. You have a right to be educated but it is your responsibility to stay in school and study,” she told the students

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