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Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2024

Ebou Sowe Produced Anti-Crime Station Formation Diary

Following the ordering of Justice Jaiteh to Ebou Sowe to produce in Court the Anti Crime station formation diary, in court when Counsel Mboge asked Sowe if he had the station formation diary, Sowe responded with yes.

Counsel Mboge asked if it can be seen and if Sowe can refer to the relevant pages and show the court, to this Sowe did and Counsel Mboge applied to tender the station formation diary showing the Anti-Crime transactions from Wednesday 13th September 2023 to 23rd September 2023 as an exhibit.

Justice Jaiteh admitted into evidence the Anti-Crime station formation diary showing transactions from the 13th September 2023 to 23rd September 2023 from pages 1 to 68 as exhibit D3.

Counsel Mboge further asked Sowe if he could refer back to the diary marked exhibit D3 and confirm the time that he had obtained the cautionary statement of the 1st accused on the 13th September 2023 to this Sowe replied that he took it at 12:40am as per records. Counsel Mboge highlighted how the 1st accused was brought into custody at 20:00hrs while his statement was taken around 12am so could it have been that Ousainou was tired due to the interrogation that he went through with the Panel which resulted to “why the 1st accused told Sowe that he couldn’t give his statement because he was tired” but Sowe responded that Serial number 5 and 6 of the diary shows that the accused led the investigators to his residence in Brufut between 20:40pm to 23:20pm which shows about 3 hours of activities.

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Counsel Mboge asked Sowe “ tell this court the time that you obtained cautionary statement of the 1st accused on 15th September 2023”, Sowe replied “cautionary statement was obtained at 13:20. Counsel Mboge further enquired about the time of entry of Alieu Cham on the diary to this Sowe responded that “there is no entry. Sowe was also asked if all civilians entering the Anti-Crime are supposed to be booked into the diary but Sowe denied saying that is not correct.

Counsel Mboge asked what Alieu Cham the independent witness was doing at the Anti-Crime on both the 15th and 23rd of September 2023 to this Sowe replied “ on the 15th September 2023, he told me he came on a mission, while on the 23rd he was contacted as I realized that part of the Voluntary Statement obtained on the 15th September 2023 the part where I wrote the prohibition to act of terrorism I coded the criminal code instead of the anti-terrorism act and due process would indicate that I changed that particular charge.”

Counsel Mboge put forward to Sowe that the cautionary statement obtained on 14th September 2023 without an independent witness was the same statement he copied on the 15th September 2023 but Sowe denied saying that he never copied any statement.

Counsel Mboge further asked “ you obtained cautionary statement of the 1st accused on 14th September 2023” , Sowe replied with “yes I did” Counsel Mboge inquired about where the statement was and Sowe confirmed that it was forwarded to the prosecution.

Counsel Mboge gave Sowe the cautionary statements of 14th September 2023 to confirm and Sowe replied “yes that is the statement”.

Counsel Mboge applied to tender the cautionary statement dated 14th September 2023 into evidence as an exhibit.

First defense lawyer along with state lawyer did not object so Justice Jaiteh readmitted the withdrawn 14th September 2023 cautionary statement VD1 as VD4.

Lastly Counsel Mboge asked Sowe “ are you aware that statement of the 15th September 2023 is the same as the statement of the 14th September 2023 and to this Sowe replied with “ all I know is that what the 1st accused said was exactly what I wrote, be it the 14th September 2023 or the 15th September 2023.

With no further questions for the Anti-crime police Ebou Sowe, Justice Jaiteh discharged him from the Voir Dire.

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