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Published On: Mon, Sep 18th, 2023

Dr. Tangara Calls For Global Solidarity and Strengthening

Dr. Mamadou Tangara, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Internatioanal Cooperation and Gambians Abroad has called for the efforts to strengthen cooperation and solidarity in the global South.

He congratulated the Cuban Medical Brigades (BMC), and demanded the lifting of the blockade imposed on the Caribbean Island.

Dr. Tangara made this call at the just concluded (Group) G-77 plus China Summit which was held in Havana, Cuba.

As the summit ended on Saturday in Havana, Tangara affirmed that South-South collaboration in science, technology and innovation is the solution to the problems currently faced in the world.

He added that it is necessary to seek new avenues that lead to a sustainable future for developing nations, small and large, and for this, solidarity among all is vital.

Tangara thanked and congratulated the doctors and graduates of the BMC who heal and save lives around the world, and reiterated his country’s request that the unjustified blockade against the largest of the Antilles.

He highlighted, paraphrasing the historical leader Fidel Castro that Cuba is capable of sending doctors who are needed to the darkest corners of the world, which is today a source of pride for the people and authorities of the oldest Caribbean archipelago.

Tangara conveyed fraternal greetings from the Gambian President, Adama Barrow, to his Cuban counterpart, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and expressed his gratitude for the attention received by his delegation in Havana.

He also expressed his condolences to the people and governments of Morocco and Libya, hit in recent days by intense natural disasters.

However, the G-77 Summit was attended by representatives of more than 100 nations, including heads of State and Government, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and other dignitaries.

Reaching out to the Cuban Medical Brigade in relation to the just concluded summit, Dr. Juan Oquendo Montes, the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in the Gambia thanked Minister Tangara with total recognition for attending the G-77 Summit. He further thanked him for the recognition made to the health professionals of the Caribbean Island.

In a heartfelt text spread on social networks, the BMC expressed its gratitude for the congratulations to the health professionals of the largest of the Antilles transmitted by Tangara at that important international meeting.

He noted that likewise, the Cuban doctors and lawyers ratified “their commitment to the Gambian government and people to continue with humanism, solidarity and love, as our historical leader Fidel Castro taught us, saving lives in this African land that has welcomed us as its children.”

He said the publication highlights that the name of the undefeated Commander in Chief Fidel has been heard many times at the G-77 summit.

He concluded by saying that numerous dignitaries participating in that relevant conclave have raised their voices again to advocate for the lifting of the blockade on Cuba, as did the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Gambia.

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