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Published On: Fri, Oct 27th, 2023

Deputy Speaker Addresses Israel’s Attack On Palestine At IPU Assembly

The deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Seedy Njie, has said Israel’s continuous attack on the Gaza Strip is one of the worst human rights violations the world has ever seen.

Honourable Njie was speaking in Luanda, Angola, at the 147th Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly. He said Palestinians deserve the right to live on their land peacefully.

“Mr President, today’s topic came at a time when the world is witnessing one of its worst inhumane and barbaric massacre and human rights violation of our times in Palestine. Thousands of innocent women, children and civilians are being killed by the hour, religious buildings, hospitals, schools and public places being destroyed as a result of the horrific, indiscriminate and barbaric airstrike bombardments in the Gaza Strip by Israel, in total disregard of international laws and all UN Resolutions. It must be forthrightly stated that not all Gaza residents are Hamas. The people of Palestine must be allowed to live in their land as a sovereign nation and people, and in line with the state-to-state solution approach. The United Nations, through the UN Security Council and other World bodies continue to engage in futile diplomacy and politics while Israel continues to murder thousands of Palestinians and destroying Gaza and Palestine,” DS Njie noted.

He said there is a collective failure in responsibility towards innocent civilians and called on the United Nations to act immediately to end the bloodshed.

“The international community and us as representatives of the people are failing in our responsibilities. While we are busy engaging in empty rhetoric, thousands continue to endure suffering and being deprived of basic necessities like food, water, electricity, basic medicines and shelter. This is atrocious and inhumane. In Gaza, humanitarian aid is short; the world must stand resolute and take a decisive action to end this attack on Palestine and stop the hypocrisy and politicising of the UN Security Council’s veto power and act more responsibly to avert global catastrophe. I call on all parties in this catastrophe to respect and act in accordance with international law and avoid further killings of civilians and all previous United Nations resolutions on Palestine and Israel be respected,” he said.

“I further call upon this general Assembly to act now and pass strong resolutions against Israel and ask Israel to immediately stop this Stone Age barbarism” he appealed.

He added that legislators should formulate laws that ensure and promote peace underpinned by justice and accountability.

“In our roles as legislators, we have the unique privilege and responsibility of shaping laws, policies, and systems that underpin the fundamental principles of SDG 16.  Therefore, we should be enacting legislation and formulate policies that promote peace, justice, and strong institutions. These laws can serve as a shield against conflicts and injustice, while also providing a solid foundation for building accountable and transparent institutions,” he noted.

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