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Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2024

Defense Counsel Darboe Cross Examines Ebou Sowe

Defense Counsel Darboe yesterday at the high court before Justice Jaiteh began the cross-examination of Ebou Sowe, a policeman working at the Anti-Crime Unit.

Defense Counsel began his questioning by asking Ebou Sowe about What are his normal working hours to this Ebou Sowe replied with 24 hours duties when further asked what he means by 24 hours duty he responded by saying that “I work the whole day, and off the next day.

Ebou Sowe was also asked what duties he was on the 12th of September 2023, he replied that he was on duty and his duty started at 8am. When also asked what time his 24 hours duty was suppose to end ,Sowe said “ the next day at 8am”.

Sowe highlighted that he did not close at 8am on the 13th of September 2023 because of the shooting incident that happened. To this Defense Counsel Darboe told Sowe that he told the court that he worked until 5am on the 13th of September and then went home but Sowe said that is not correct.

To that Defense Counsel Darboe said the court would take note of that statement as he further told Sowe “Did you not say you went home at 5am on the 13th of September and then came back to work at 10am on the same 13th of September” but Sowe replied with “the timing he gave is correct, but I left the crime scene at 5am and then went back to the Anti-Crime Unit at 10am. On the next day, the 13th September 2023 I left the Anti-Crime Unit again and went to the crime scene again”.

Defense Counsel Darboe told Sowe that his record says Sowe left at 5 am and went home. As he further asked him who were the first respondent at the crime scene to that Sowe replied that they were from the Anti- Crime Unit.

Sowe was asked who were they from the Anti-Crime Unit and he replied that it consisted of the Patrol team and among them were Sergeant Jammeh and Tumbul Jobe, and those were the two he could remember.Defense Counsel Darboe also enquired if other commands from the Anti-Crime were present and Sowe replied that yes they were, he was also asked about the time they got there but Sowe replied that he was not there to record time so he does not know what time they arrived.

Sowe was also asked if officers senior to him were there and he replied with a yes, the Anti- Crime Unit Commissioner Sowe was there, along with Inspector Bah and Superintendent Sowe, along with other officers were there.When also asked if he recalls at what time the Anti Crime Commissioner arrived but Sowe said he was not there to record the arrival and departure of anyone but all he knows is that the lead Commissioner spent a lot of time there.

Sowe was also asked what time he got to the crime scene and he said he arrived at about 21:45 and that he was there before the Unit Commissioner.

Defense Counsel asked him whether he knows if the Unit Commissioner visited his officers at the hospital before going to the crime scene but Sowe said he does not know when also asked if the Unit Commissioner told him anything about that after the event but Sowe replied that he never had any interaction with the Commissioner pertaining to that.

Defense Counsel Darboe said to Sowe “Would you be shocked to know that your unit commissioner did not go the Crime Scene of the incident on that night” but Sowe replied with “I am not shocked because i know he was there”.

Defense Counsel Darboe also asked Sowe about the eyewitnesses that he spoke to as part of his investigation and who were they but Sowe said he could not remember all of them but what he could remember are just their surnames who are Bojang a Military Officer, Jallow also a Military Officer but the third one he could not remember.

To that Defense Counsel said “ when you testified you mentioned you spoke to Jarjue and Bojang this is the first time you are mentioning a Jallow. I am putting it to you that you did not talk to any of them because they were not at the Scene”. To that Sowe replied with “that is not correct, these Military Officers were at the Scene”.

Sowe was also asked if the Military Officers handed anything to him and he said yes they handed two empty Cartridges to him. Defense Counsel asked who handed the Cartridges to him( Sowe) as it cannot be all three of them to that Sowe replied that if he could remember correctly it was Bojang who handed both Cartridges to him.

To that Defense Counsel said to Sowe that “ your surname is Sowe and not Bah. Bojang testified that he handed them over to one Mr Bah, so I am putting it to you that Bojang did not hand anything to you” and Sowe’s response was “ that could be his mistake because I was the one he handed it over to”.

Defense Counsel Darboe further said Jarjue, Bojang and Jallow could not have handed anything to Sowe as they were not at the Crime Scene and to that Sowe said that those are not people that he works with or even know in his social life and the only place he met them was at the crime scene.But Defense Counsel Darboe still put forward to Sowe that as far as this incident is concern he works with them but Sowe said “ this is news to me, my lord”.

Sowe was also asked about what he did with the two empty Cartridges that were given to him and Sowe said he gave it to the Forensic Team the next day. But Defense Counsel further said to Sowe whether he is trying to say that the Forensic Team was not present at the Scene on that night but Sowe said he is not saying that as all he is saying is that he was asked by his Unit Commissioner to hand it over the next day.To that Defense Counsel Darboe said the Unit Commissioner could not have asked Sowe to do that as he was not present but Sowe said he stands by his statement that the Unit Commissioner was present at the Scene.

Defense Counsel Darboe asked who the Cartridges were handed to at the forensic team and Sowe replied that he does not know the name but they are from the headquarters and he does not work with them on a daily but among the team was someone named Manka.To that Defense Counsel said “ so you could have handed over evidence to people who are not even Police Officers is that what you are telling me” to that Sowe said “ My lord, I did not just randomly hand over this evidence.” But Defense Counsel still asked if the person he handed it over to signed to show that they received it from Ebou Sowe and to that Sowe said there was no handing over, as that was a continuous process from police to police.

When Sowe was asked how many Cartridges he came into contact with personally he said three. So Defense Counsel asked who handed the extra one to him but to that Sowe said no other was handed to him he saw it with the CRO team the next day 13th September 2023.When asked about the name of the CRO, Sowe said it was Manka . Defense Counsel Darboe further said to him “ I am putting it to you that on the 18th of December 2023 you testified that two empty casings were handed over to you is that correct?” To that Sowe said “Yes that is correct”.

Defense counsel Darboe further said “just last week , On 18th March, 2024, you testified that 3 casing were handed over to you.” But Sowe responded with “That is not correct.” Sowe was also asked if he came into contact any other bullet associated with this case and to that Sowe said he did not come in contact with any bullet but a live round as bullets are components of a round. When also asked if he picked the live round himself Sowe said that he saw the live round with Manka and to that Defense Counsel asked Sowe if Manka just called him and told him that they picked a live round and to that Sowe said on the 13th of September the CRO Officers recovered it as they went back to the Crime Scene to reconstruct and make further analysis and it was during that process that they recovered an empty cartridge and a live round as anything that had to do with that was mainly their domain and that any material that is recovered is brought to their notice as investigators.

Time was up and the case was adjourned to 15th April 2024 at 2:15 for continuation of the Cross-examination of PW6 Ebou Sowe.

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