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Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2024

Defense Counsel Cross-examines PW2  in Arona Tine Murder Trial

Defense Counsel O. Susso Cross-examined PW2, (Isatou M. Barry) in Arona Tine’s alleged murder trial at the Banjul High Court in Banjul before presiding judge Justice Jaiteh.

Defense counsel O.Susso asked PW2 if she would agree that, there is a junction or a road  between bloom bank and the forex bureau, to which PW2 responded with yes, there is a road. 

He (Defense Counsel) also asked if it is correct that both bloom bank and the forex bureau are not far from the Alvihag Supermarket to which, PW2 still replied with yes, that is correct.

The witness was asked if it is correct that 

 alhivag supermarket is a busy commercial area where vehicles are parked to that she (Witness) said she agrees that Alvihag is a busy place but she cannot agree with counsel that vehicles are always parked there, because it is not always. Defense Counsel insisted that given  that it is a commercial area would the witness agree with him that vehicles were parked within that vicinity but to that the witness said vehicles  were parked there but they were not parked in a way that would block people from seeing what happened there.

Defense counsel enquired about the lady that the witness said she saw coming out of the bureau to that the witness said yes she did see a lady coming out of the bureau. Counsel told the witness that giving that

She saw the lady coming from the bureau would she agree that the alleged incident happened inside the bureau de change to that the witness said she did see the lady coming out of the bureau and as she fell the accused person did not touch her outside so what ever happened, happened inside the bureau.

Defense counsel asked the witness that seeing as she cannot testify as to what happened inside the bureau then her evidence is limited to what she had seen happen outside the bureau, the witness responded that what she said in court is what she saw outside. Defense counsel further asked her (the witness) given as her 

evidence is limited to what she had seen outside and that she did not see the accused attack the deceased what led to her conclusion that the accused was an armed robber the witness responded that the lady ran out of the bureau followed by the accused who was holding a knife, jacket and a cross bag and no other person came out of that bureau.

The witness was also asked considering her distance from bloom bank and the bureau would he (counsel) be correct to say that she (the witness) was not the first person to arrive at the scene to that she (the witness) replied that she was not the first to arrive as she was the third person to arrive at the scene.

The time allocated for the case had elapsed and the trial was adjourned to the 20th of May 2024 at 11am.

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