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Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2023

Cuba Observes Annual convergence in Gambia

Sr. Ruben G. Abelenda, the Ambassador of the Republic of Cubanin the Gambia and the head of the Cuban medical brigade together with the Cuban medical team on Wednesday held their annual celebration marking the importance of the historical date of their Island.

The ceremony held at the Cuban Ambassador’s residence in Banjul, brought together many Cuban medical personnel working in various regions within the Gambian health sector.

Speaking at the occasion, Ambassador Ruben said that the Cuban medical teams present in the country are struggling many battles, adding that one of the battles is to give support to the Gambia, particularly in the health sector. He said “we are going to continue to offer help to the Gambian people.”

He added that the celebration is staged annually both in Cuba and around the world where Cubans are, with the objective to enhance more unity amongst Cubans working, both home and abroad as one family.

Ambassador Ruben further state thatthey make this kind of celebration in all the countries that Cubans are.However, he advancedto reveal that they have built friendship from the government to the people.

Ambassador Ruben further revealed that the day celebrated is one of the significant days in their calendar. “We have more than 100 doctors in the Gambia and it is the reason we are celebrating the day here in the Gambia.  We have doctors in different regions in the country,” he said.

He said that the friendship between the two countries dated back in 1996, when the former government under President Yahya Jammeh seeks help from the Cuban former President Fidel Castro in relation to the health sector.

For his part, Juan Oquendo Montes, the head of the Cuban medical brigade said they are precisely in the Gambia to help as it is one of the principles of the Cuban revolution which is to help people in poor countries, particularly in the health sector. “We don’t offer charity, we offer solidarity,” he said. Other speakers include ModouPeh Grant, President of Gambia-Cuba friendship association.

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