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Published On: Tue, Dec 6th, 2022

CRR Farmers Welcome President Barrow’s Groundnuts Price Tag

Poor groundnuts farmers in the Central River Region have welcomed President Barrow’s this year groundnuts price of D 32, 000 per ton  stated by the head of state.

As one of the objectives of this year’s meet with the people tour was to dialogue with the people in the various regions to hear out their challenges for possible solutions, which includes helping farmers get a better market for their farm produce.
In an interview with Malleh Sallah, a poor groundnuts farmer in Kerewan Samba Sirra community in the Central River Region, with sad expression, he welcomes the D 32, 000 government stated price per ton of groundnuts. He said as a poor farmer who struggles to feed his family, he expressed his appreciation that as Head of State, it’s President Barrow who could help them buy their groundnuts at better prices.
Sallah noted that in most cases, they the farmers face challenges as they couldn’t afford to buy fertilizer due to it’s high cost which leads to debt in order to do farming.

He added that initially, it was the Chinese people who would  come to buy their groundnuts at good price which they eventually use to pay their debts and feed their families with the remaining balance.

And that without the Chinese people in the past years, they would have faced so much hardship more than encountered already.
He further urged President Barrow to further look after them, particularly the poor farmers in remote rural communities with much consideration.

“If we harvest our groundnuts without costumers with better prices, it’s really a backward to our farming activities as we entirely depend on farming to feed our families with little local farm tools,” he stated while he thanked the Chinese people for supporting them over the years in buying their groundnuts.

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