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Published On: Wed, Jul 10th, 2024

Counsel J Darboe Re Cross Examines PW5 in Alleged Shooting Incident

Counsel J Darboe for the 1st accused Ousainou Bojang, re cross examined the fifth Prosecution witness Momodou Sowe Commissioner of the Anti-Crime Unit in the recalling of previous witnesses of the alleged shooting incident at the Sukuta Traffic lights against Ousainou and his sister Amie Bojang, where three PIU Officers were shot, killing two and leaving one critically injured.

The witness Momodou Sowe was asked if he could recall on the night of 12th September 2023, when he went to the traffic lights, to that he responded, he went there around 10pm. When also asked if he met any Military Officers at the night of the incident, he answered yes. Further asked if he spoke to Bakary Jarju (PW2), he responded he cannot remember talking to him, but he can remember seeing him at the Traffic Lights.

Momodou (PW5) was then asked to identify his telephone number on a document which he identified as his Africell number. Counsel Darboe applied to tender the call logs of Momodou Sowe (PW5) from the period of September 1st 2023 to 30th October 2023 as an Exhibit. With no objections from the DPP, the Africell call log of Momodou Sowe (PW5) was admitted into evidence and marked as Exhibit D14.

Counsel Darboe asked Momodou if it is correct that he went to the RVTH through the Denton Bridge when he left the Traffic Lights that night, he answered yes that is correct.

That was all Counsel Darboe had for the witness, and the witness was discharged.The case was then adjourned to the 15th of July at 2:15pm and 16th July at 2:15pm.

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