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Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2024

China-Aid project aims to realise zero hunger in Gambia

Jacky Huang, Country Managing Director of Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Company limited, (L.P.H.T) has revealed that the main work of the L.P.H.T project is to try to find the solutions to boost the production of rice to achieve the purpose of zero hunger in the Gambia.

He said the project is working on three areas which include the production of rice, vegetable and maize.

MD Jacky Huang was speaking on Sunday at a demonstration event of a fully mechanized rice production at its rice filed in Sapu, in the Central River Region.

The demonstration was held at the Sapu rice field in the Central River Region which was geared toward the promotion of high-yield cultivation technology of hybrid rice variety, (GMB LS2021.)

He stated that the China-Aid Project of Agricultural Technical Assistance to the Gambia (phase 1-2) has achieved the phased objectives.

He explained that the China-aid Project of Agricultural Technical Assistance to the Gambia, implemented by the Central Project Coordinating Unit (CPCU) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Yuan Longping Agricultural High-tech Co. Ltd, is the first agricultural technical assistance project since the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The project, which focuses on the local breeding and promotion of hybrid rice, he said it aims to help the Gambia find a “Gambian Way” to address food security issues.

He revealed “that after four years of elaborate organization and implementation, the project has achieved remarkable results concerning crop variety selection, technology localization and extension, suitable agricultural machinery selection and local personnel training, etc. In particular, the high yield and stress resistance of hybrid rice impressed Gambian farmers and provided a feasible path for the Gambia to achieve zero hungry.”

He continued that the project has established a 7.4-hectare core demonstration area for high-yield technology at Sapu agricultural experimental station in Central River Region.

This he said has also carried out high-yield cultivation demonstration and supporting agricultural machinery operation demonstration for 7 local conventional rice, 8 Chinese hybrid rice and more than 40 Chinese vegetable varieties.

He informed that standardized production processes for grains and seeds in rainy and dry seasons have been developed based on the Gambia’s climatic characteristics and irrigation practices, with emphasis on time nodes, transplanting methods, water and fertilizer management.

He advanced saying that the yield of hybrid rice in the core demonstration area was 9.35 tons per hectare, which was 1.6-2 times the yield of the local conventional rice.

He noted that two hybrid rice varieties were selected for local registration, and 14 vegetable varieties of 7 categories suitable for local production and cultivation were selected.

He said the project has trained more than 1,500 personnel including local farmers, agricultural technicians and college students, and a number of grassroots agricultural machinery personnel have participated in training courses, named Green Super Hybrid Rice in China.

“At the same time, 116 sets of agricultural machinery, 12 tons of rice, 9.2 tons of purified regular rice seeds and 6 tons of rice have been donated to the Gambia,” he concluded.

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