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Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2024

BCC & Partners Made Courtesy Visit to Project Sites

The Banjul City Council and its Partners from Ostend and European Union made a visit to its city link project which started some years back and through this project 4,300 coconuts trees were planted in Banjul for shade of the people if the city.

The project also aimed at providing meaningful connection between Banjul and Ostend as well as reducing the heat in the city of Banjul by planting coconut trees in the beach. 

The Ostend Mayor Bart Tommelein highlighted that the project is a big promotion for Banjul and that without the involvement of the European Union this project won’t have gone this far and added that the most important goal is seeing the trees grow. 

Abdou Aziz Dabakh Gaye the Deputy Mayor of Banjul said as a council, they have a big part to play in providing security at the beach and reassured the council’s support and more improvement on security for this project, adding that in the years to come with their counterparts, they will make the Banjul beach to be the most visited one in the Gambia. 

Mbogouma Ismelia Jeng Field Supervisor City Link Project thanked the Osten team and EU for bringing such blessing in the city of Banjul, he said that Banjulians are now using the beach more and they are proud of it.

Adding that the project has constructed two toilets at the beach and urge Banjul city council to work on a system to provide waste collectors and mechanical assistance at the area so that they can evacuate the waste from the beach.

He concluded that the beach also need security because youth normally come to the beach and cut off the life stem of the coconut which he said might deter the growth of the coconut.

Sulayman Njie serving as the General Secretary for Development Oriented citizens, said their organization is fortunate to be contracted with the city project and that for the past 3 and a half years, the organization has been mandating the affairs of the Banjul community when it comes to the greening aspect, and their organization were able to plant more than 600 trees within Banjul.

He said that having these trees planted within the city will definitely make it to be much more conducive, reducing the amount of heat and also contributing to the biodiversity adding that Banjul is an island which needs to be protected and be given more care when it comes to the environment. 

Mr Njie further said, the council and their organization have been working together effectively through the Banjul project and alot have been achieved base on the commitment that the organization has, and the collaboration they have with the community and stakeholders. 

He concluded that their organization is pleased with the tour they have witnessed and that he can assure that their counterparts are also satisfied with the level of progresses that have been made within the three months, adding that they are committed to continue the process as young people of the community and as an organization. 

Development oriented citizens, which is a civil society organization and a community based in Banjul that has been engaging in activities, when it comes to the sustainable development of Banjul for the past 20 years.

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