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Published On: Thu, May 23rd, 2024

BAC Collector Fatty Acknowledges Revenue Suppression

Gibbi Fatty, who was appointed in 2006 as a Revenue Collector at the Brikama Area Council, has recently confessed before the members of the Local Government Commission of Inquiry of withholding council revenue.

The revenue collector (Gibbi) brought forward two of his cash books as evidence. One spanned from 2015 to 2020, while the other covered 2021 to the present. He stated that during 2018 and 2019, he would transfer funds to the principal cashier and receive receipts in return.

Fatty highlighted that in 2020, there was instruction passed onto all revenue collectors to deposit all collected monies to the bank as the council began using revenue collection devices. The witness said he used to deposit funds at the Eco Bank, GT Bank and Trust Bank.

Mr Fatty also acknowledges that he used to suppress council revenues. Questioned over such practices, he said he used to go with his private vehicle for assessment, and when it broke down, he usually used council revenue to repair it, adding that the vehicle belongs to him, purchased by his brother residing abroad, but the council used to fuel it.

Mr Fatty also admitted that he was aware of the D31,000 collected from 7th of July to 5th of October 2022, using the revenue collection device, but failing to declare it.

The Commission informed Fatty about other findings against him in 2018. Specifically, on October 18, when he failed to declare D2250; on October 5, he failed to declare D2000; and October 19, 2018, he failed to declare D28,050. These amounts total D32,300), and he responded that he had seen it and he had made the payments to the council after the audit finding against him.

Chairperson Jainaba Bah asked why did he (Fatty) make entries in his cash book and cancel them, and he responded that he sometimes makes mistakes.

Chairperson Bah asks “Every page in your cash book has cancellation, is that all a mistake?” Fatty responded in the affirmative. “It is not true,” Chairperson Bah said to him. “It is true,” he insisted. Chairperson Bah also asked him “Why do (sic) you cancel and the total of whatever you collected does not tally?” the chairperson asked, but Fatty claimed that they tallied.

Therefore, he was given his own cash book to ascertain but he could not substantiate his claim that his collections tallied with the total in his cash book.

The Commission raised the fact that Fatty usually dodged auditing processes, which he admitted to. He was also told that in most cases, he did not go to the internal audit unit of the council for auditing. He admitted to failing to go for auditing but insisted that he deposited the money at the bank.

When he was asked to produce the receipt from his cash book, Fatty said there were no receipts at the time as sometimes he used to forget to collect the receipts.

Mr Fatty was given the Eco Bank statement for BAC to show the Commission the collection on 7 April 2022 amounting to 30,200, which he claimed to have deposited, and responded that it is not here.

He was given the Trust Bank account statement of BAC. He also confirmed that the amount was not in the Trust Bank account statement.

Gibbi Fatty was appointed in 2006, and provided the inquiry with his confirmation letter, dated 9th of March 2010, which was signed by Momodou Jonga, acting public relations officer, on behalf of the CEO. The letter as well as his written statement, dated 20th November 2023, were later admitted into records.

Fatty, who holds a foundation certificate in human resources studies from St. Steven’s, testified that he has not been promoted since the date of his appointment as a revenue collector. In 2018, he was a flat rates collector at New Yundum, and spent almost 5 years there before he was moved to Old Yundum.

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