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Kevin Danesi

Kevin Danesi is a Business Development Manager with a passion for good art especially good cinema. He is also interested in politics, social movements and the effects of urban spaces, having written his dissertation on the effectiveness of regeneration.

By Kevin Danesi On Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Black and British Season – A Review

The BBC’s month long Black and British season came the month after the UK’s Black History Month – i.e. October – and some might say it was overdue, not by a month but by a few years, maybe even decades. More...

By Kevin Danesi On Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Gidi Blues – Film Review

Dir: Femi Odugbemi Showcase: Film Africa, The Royal African Society’s Annual Film Festival Love as it can only really happen in Lagos is what Gidi Blues is all about and my goodness is it a rollercoaster. Though More...

By Kevin Danesi On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Film Review: Hissein Habré, A Chadian Tragedy

Dir.: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun Showcase: London Film Festival Brace yourselves, as Mahamat-Saleh Haroun’s poignant documentary delves rather quickly into a meeting between the torturer and the tortured. The meeting More...

By Kevin Danesi On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017
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Film Review: 76

Dir.: Izu Ojukwu Showcase: London Film Festival Love, ethnic tension, family strife and political intrigue collide in this thoughtful telling of the 1976 coup attempt that saw the then Nigerian military Head of More...

By Kevin Danesi On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017
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The Future Of Upskilling

The best is yet to come. Upskilling – the process of learning new skills – is advisable whether the economy is on the up or not. With organisations always trying to cut costs and technological advancements ever More...

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