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Published On: Thu, Jun 8th, 2023

Arezki Project Manager Says “Sukuta-Jabang Roundabout Not Considered For Overpass Construction”

Following huge public concern over the reason for an overpass not been erected at the Sukuta-Jabang main junction along the Coastal Road highway at the interception from Sukuta root to Jambanglelly.

The Arezki Company Project Manager for the ongoing road construction, Mr. Miri Jamil clarified that the main Sukuta-Jabang roundabout was not part of the contract during the traffic count prior to the project road construction.

In an interview with the VOD on the significance of the various overpasses and in line with the expiry of the road project, he noted that before the beginning of the construction of the road, they did a traffic count which determines the number of vehicles that apply a particular junction.

“During the traffic count for this project, the three junctions recommended for overpasses, were Old Yundum, Coastal Road, the Brusubi Turn-Table and the Traffic lights at Kairaba Avenue.”

“Normally before we start a road work we do a traffic count that determines the number of cars that apply at a particular junction.”

He advanced that during the traffic count, these three areas were seen as the busiest junctions that had a greater number of traffic flow in those days and were considered for the constructions of overpasses.

He assured a guarantee of the overpasses, which he said will serve for 100 years while the main road will serve for 20 years.

However, the situation has now taken a U-turn as the Sukuta-Jabang junction happens to be one of the busiest junctions in the area. It is believed that it would be of significance if the government through the National Road Authority could consider Sukuta-Jabang roundabout for the construction of an overpass in the near future.

Furthermore, the public, especially drivers are with so much concerned for Arezki Company to possibly ensure effective diversions for easy traffic flow, giving consideration to the coming rainy season.

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