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Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2023

Arezki: Airport Junction- Senegambia Phase1 Road Traffic To Be Open June-Says Project Manager

The Project Manager of Arezki Company, Miri Jamil, has assured that the highway from Airport-Junction to Senegambia which is under project phase1 is set to open by June 2023 to enhance free traffic flow for drivers.He noted that the overall road construction project is set to end by August, 2024.

In an interview with theVOD on the ongoing construction, giving consideration to the fast approach of the rainy season and its effects on both drivers and the day to day travelers along the path.

He informed that the company has already laid down the 5 centimeter layer depth from the Airport-Junction to Senegambia, noting that very soon they will lay down the other 5 centimeter layer depth on the road to maximize the quality and thickness of the road to 10 centimeter.

He emphasized that they are working to finish with few touches on the two overpass, both the one at Yundum Coastal road and that of Turn-table before the road opens next month.

He noted that the recent road closure by the Police was due to five fatal accidents that occurred due to rough driving that has caused the lives of two people.

However, he said after the traffic opens, they will provide someone for the Police to control the over speed of the drivers, noting that they are trying to connect all the roads before end of this month.

As the rainy season fast approaches, he said they currently working on the earth work of the current diversions of thesides of the road from Senegambia to sting-corner to access free flow of drivers as their work progresses without any hindrances. He stated that they want to finish with all the hard work before end of 2023.

AlhagieDarboe National Road Authority project coordinator said that the road construction occupies 30 meters width while the space away from either sides covers 40 meters.

Regarding the displacements of vendors and demolition of some properties along the road, he said that nobody should have any property or settle within the 30 meters set for the road.

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