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Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2024

Alieu Cham Continues Testimony In Voir Dire

Alieu Cham, the independent witness who was present at the Anti-Crime on 15th September 2023 when Ousainou bojang’s voluntary statement was being taken appeared before Justice Jaiteh at the high court to continue with his testimony in the Voir Dire.

DPP AM. Yusuf asked Alieu Cham (PW2) to tell the court what transpired after Ousainou was called and seated, he responded that Ebou Sowe asked Ousainou whether he was in the position to have his statement taken as anything he said would be recorded as his statement and to this Ousainou answered with a yes in the Wolof language.

Alieu Cham revealed that Sowe started asking questions to Ousainou and whatever Ousainou replied with that was what Ebou Sowe recorded as he cannot say all but all he knows is that a lot of questions were asked regarding the shooting incident at Sukuta traffic lights.

When asked by the DPP whether anything happened after the writing, Alieu Cham replied with a no that nothing happened in his presence.

Alieu Cham further testified that after Ebou Sowe finished writing Ousainou’s statement, Ousainou was asked to listen as the statement was read aloud in the Mandinka language to both of them as Alieu Cham’s understanding of the Wolof language is limited.

Cham said in his presence, Ebou Sowe gave the document to Ousainou so that he could read to himself, Ousainou took the document went through it and then gave it back and to this Sowe said he wrote exactly what Ousainou said so Ousainou was asked to thumbprint the document which he did and Alieu’s thumbprint was also taken.

DPP AM Yusuf also asked Alieu Cham whether if he sees the document he would be able to recognise it and he replied with a yes he would because it has his name and telephone number written where he placed his thumbprint.

DPP further asked the witness whether he memorised his phone number, to which the witness responded yes and he gave the number as and 7××××××.

The DPP gave the document admitted VD2 to the witness for identification to which Cham replied with a yes that was the document obtained from Ousainou Bojang.

DPP asked if anything transpired between himself, Sowe and Ousainou, to this Cham said yes and DPP asked him to inform the court of what happened.

Alieu Cham testified that after the voluntary statement was taken from Ousainou they started a conversation but he couldn’t remember how the conversation started but during the conversation he got to find out from Ousainou that Ousainou used to work at Sukuta  moulding  blocks and that there was a particular person’s house in Sukuta that was built by Ousainou. He also explained that his sister stays either adjacent or Opposite to where Ousainou stays in Brufut.

Counsel J Darboe objected to what the witness was saying by highlighting how the witness came into the Voir Dire to talk about how the statements were obtained and if he wants to say anything beyond that he should come to the main trial but as for the mini trial what he saying now it’s beyond what happened in the taking of the statement. However DPP AM. Yusuf defended the witness’s testimony as pertinent to addressing allegations of mistreatment and coercion faced by the accused, Ousainou Bojang.

Justice Jaiteh allowed the witness to continue.

DPP also asked the witness that during his conversation with Ousainou what did he get to know about Ousainou, and Cham replied that Ousainou told him that his face was familiar. Ousainou also told Sowe that he attended Brufut School and to this Cham responded that his brother also attended Brufut school, Cham told Ousainou his brother’s name and Ousainou informed him that they both shared the same class.

DPP A.M Yusuf asked the witness that apart from the voluntary statements, did Ebou Sowe obtained other statements in addition to the one he witnessed. The witness responded positively that Ebou Sowe read the charges to Ousainou.

When asked how were the charges presented to Ousainou, the witness responded that  Ebou was telling Ousainou about the charges that were levered on him and whether he agrees to them or not and you are charged with so and so do you agree, he highlighted that in the beginning, he (Ousainou) denied the charges but then later on he agreed to some charges.

When also asked Whether Alieu Cham would be able to identify the statement he replied that he would because it contains his name and phone number.

the court adjourned the case to tomorrow for continuation of his testimony at 2:15pm

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