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Published On: Mon, Dec 26th, 2022

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at honors its 38th national convention

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in the country on Friday congregated to celebrate their 38th national (Ijtema) convention, the Gambia,at a ceremony held at the MassroorSenior Secondary School main hall.

The three days convention celebrated under the theme “Islam the solution to modern day challenges,” was convened with sports activities and academic competitions held at the schoolin Old Yundum.

Speaking at the event, Lamin Queen Jammeh, the Minister of Information stated that with the philosophy of admiring love for everyone and hatred for none, he commended the organization for the honor given to him, noting that to clearly understand what the people belief in, thatit is simply to reflect on them and observe how they live and relate with one another and others beyond them.

He thanked the AhamadiyyaJama’at for the functional contributions they undertaking, particularly to the development of the Gambia and to the upkeep of societies in general.

He noted that organizing young people of this age and creating opportunity for their orientation and overall development in the way and manners in which the Jama’at does, is one every reasonable person can appreciate.

He underscored that it is a common understanding that Allah had descended Adam and Awa to come and live this planate which also signifies that the purpose of man existence on this planate is not for a joke.

Minister Jammeh further called for effectively inculcating good moralsinto the children by extension,kids to pay heed to parents’ advice and guidance.

For his part, AlieuTrawally, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association pointed out that with proper guidance, they should able to, not only to commit themselves to performing good actions that would earn them the pleasure of Allah, but also to draw them closer to Him.

He revealed “on the contrary, the evils of modern day technology tent to remove many of us further away from Allah. The same is the case with the advancement in science, the process in economics and industrialization and political consciousness, all distracting us from the main purpose of our creation.”

He concludes that of course it is fact that they are making material progress in all these areas mentioned, but he noted that they are increasing on their moral and spiritual development and appreciating their favors of Allah upon them.

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