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Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2024

AFRICMED International Hospitals Donates Ambulance to Sukutu Health Center

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of AFRICMED International Hospitals located at the Brusubi Turn-Table has on Tuesday donated an ambulance to the management of Sukuta Health Center as part of efforts to bridge the existing health service delivery gaps, thereby complimenting government efforts.

The official handing over ceremony was held at the Sukuta health center which brought together officials from AFRICMED, the government, members of the Sukuta village development committee and the host.

The donation came at a much needed time as the Sukuta health center’s officials were struggling with health service delivery without an ambulance from October 2023, as a result of their existing ambulance was grounded and under maintenance.

Speaking at the occasion Dr. Omar Jagne, the founder and chief executive officer of AFRICMED International Hospitals spoke with glad saying that they have tried to train the ambulance driver ambulance so that they would be able to know how to use the stretcher. He revealed that the ambulance has an oxygen battles.

“What we will be also doing is to help with the mechanical maintenance. So when we are doing our own general maintenance we include this ambulance for a time,” he assured. He added that though they would not be doing it forever, but for a short period of time.

“Please take good care of this ambulance,” he urged. He note with hope that the ambulance could be of good use not only for the people of Sukuta, but also to foreigners.

For his part, Musa Camara, regional director of health services Western 1, he revealed that Sukua health center has a projected serving population of 40, 545 with 3 medical doctors, 14 nurse midwives conducting average daily deliveries of 6 with monthly deliveries of 173 on shift duties.

“Our categories of staff offering healthcare services include general nurses, data managers, pharmacists, laboratory personnel, public health officers and support staff,” he revealed.

Camara highlighted their achievements which include their renewed commitment of citizens and friends of Sukuta in the Diaspora for supporting the health facility over the years and the provisional additional water source to complement the existing national supply among others. He applauded the donor for the gesture.

Landing Camara, principal nursing officer and officer in charge at the Sukuta Health Center said that Sukuta is being surrounded by major hotels also being the road traffic accident black spot with a galloping crime among hard drug users.

He said that statistics has proven that Sukuta minor health refers more Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) assault or trauma victims to Ndemban clinic and serekunda general hospital than any other health facility.

“The demand for health needs by the population on a minor health center without functioning ambulance from October to date is a great challenge and burden on the entire staff,” he informed.

He joined previous speakers and thanked the donor for the gesture, noting that the donation was another good example of how the private sector could work together with health department in finding everlasting solution for challenges that confront the population on a daily basis.

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