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" /> Voice Out Digital 32 Fula Associations Call To Have One National Head For “Tabital pulagu” In Gambia | Voice Out Digital
Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2023

32 Fula Associations Call To Have One National Head For “Tabital pulagu” In Gambia

Fulbeh Gambia Fow-a-gottal, a Fula association in collaboration with representatives from 32 fula associations across the nation have called the need to have one national “TabitalPulagu”president or chairperson in the Gambia.

The representatives of these associations called the need to have one national president/chairperson who will serve Tabital Pulagu both in the Gambia and the globe, to the interest of their people.

The groups further called on the heads of the two main Tabital Pulagu associations, Seedy Dem and Mamadu Madu to end an existing fraction between them and turn a new page through reconciliation for the interest of their people and the nation.

The peaceful call was made at the Regional Education conference hall in Brikama on Saturday.However, the press conference was staged at a point, when the mandates of the two fractions, Seedy Dem and MamduMadu have elapsed and called the need for a congress.

Speaking at the occasion, , Ali Ceesay, president of Tabital Pulagu for Kombo North informed all Fulas in the Gambia and abroad that the fraction that already existed between the two main braces of TabitalPulagu association is of no interest to the members and the nation.

He urged all those with capacities and ideas to collaborate in order to end the fractions and have one main and national head of “TabitalPulagu” associationwho will serve to the best interest of the people.

He mentioned that the reconciliation is not possible unless and until Mamadu Madu and Seedy Dem come back and comply with the main association that initiated “TabitalPulagu” in the Gambia and the people.

He expressed dissatisfaction for the absence of at least a representative of Seedy Dem’s association to the press conference, which however, he said a member of Mamadu Madu’s association was present which indicated that Mamadu Madu’s willingness for reconciliation with the interest to have one national TabitalPulaguassociation.

For his part, Ahmad MuctarJallow, secretary general of EndamFulbeh Africa noted that unity and peaceful coexistence should be encouraged and maintained amongst them. Adding that they can only achieve their set goals through one voice.

He stated that it is part of Endam Fulbeh Africa’s principles to ensure that all Fulas become one family with no fractions.

Dawda Loum, the Secretary General of Fulbeh Gambia Fow-a-gottal, said “we need a leader who wipes our tears but not someone who pinches us.”

As the two heads’ terms already ended, Loum said “we want that during congress, independent cards to be prepared by an independent body to ensure transparency during elections”.

Other speakers included Alpha Ousman Jallow who stated that he has been fighting for all the Fulas to be one family.

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