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Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2024

Court Rules That Ousainou Bojang Wasn’t Drugged or Beaten Before Giving Statements

Justice Jaiteh of the High Court made a ruling yesterday about Ousainou Bojang, the suspected PIU shooter. The court declared that Bojang wasn’t drugged or beaten by officials before giving his statements. 

This declaration came after objections raised by Bojang’s lawyer, L.J. Darbo, on the admissibility of the cautionary and voluntary statements. 

Justice Jaiteh carefully considered the testimonies of the prosecution witnesses, as well as Bojang’s own testimony and that of his sister, Amie Bojang. The judge concluded that the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the documents were obtained voluntarily from Bojang, given the evidence on record.

During the trial, Bojang claimed that he was given coffee which made him fall asleep, but he didn’t specify any negative effects on his health. He also didn’t complain to the police or anyone else about any ill effects from the coffee. Additionally, Bojang didn’t undergo any toxicology test to support his claim of being drugged.

Furthermore, Bojang alleged that he was beaten to confess, yet he couldn’t explain why he thumbprinted blank papers without knowing their content. Justice Jaiteh emphasized that the presence of an independent witness is mandatory, and the absence of one rendered the cautionary statement obtained on September 14th inadmissible. The judge also confirmed that the statement recorder followed the Judge’s rule by properly cautioning Bojang and recording the place, time, and date on the voluntary statement.

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