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Globalization Among Technology-How Is International Business Affected?

By Samantha Hawrylack Have you ever considered where your phone or computer came from? Each individual piece of the device takes work in production and assembly. There are many products that are made domestically, but the vast number of companies transferring their products to be produced in other countries is growing every day due to the expected profit More...

by VOD Admin | Published 2 years ago
By Lamin Cham On Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Gambia Coalition Government Faces Survival Test

By: Lamin Cham After their surprise victory over Yahya Jammeh, ending the man’s 22-year-old grip on power, the governing Coalition government in the Gambia is already beginning to shake as a bitter row emerged More...

By VOD Admin On Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Facebook Visits Ghana’s Top Tech & Creative Entrepreneurs

Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer Facebook; Ime Archibong, Director Strategic Partnerships Facebook; Emeka Afigbo; Jorn Lyseggen, CEO of Meltwater and Founder of MEST and Kate Sarro, Managing Director of Meltwater Chris More...

By Lamin Sam Jaiteh On Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
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Gambia’s Jally Kebba Susso Launch 2nd Album

By: Lamin Sam Jaiteh. From a purely superficial point of view, it is something of a relief to see that Jally kebba Suso, the talented young Kora player performed on a spectacular mode at the Rich Mix Centre in More...

By VOD Admin On Saturday, February 25th, 2017
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Car Shipping to South Africa- From the Worldwide Automobile Transport to Africa

By: Lionelpv Brock Further in the situation of the South Africa MassMart potential acquisition, well, not having totally free-markets – South Africa’s economic climate will sooner or later fail, and More...

By Wale Giwa On Saturday, February 25th, 2017
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The Jagons of African Democracy

“There can only be one type of democracy and that is the democracy that recognizes certain pristine notions… “(Muyiwa Falaiye).* Democracy, no doubt, remains the best form of government in Africa. More...

By VOD Admin On Saturday, February 25th, 2017

A Breakaway Nigeria: The Best Way Forward

By Wale Giwa Today, Nigeria doesn’t seem to be moving forward. Why is this? Is it because of our corrupt leaders? Is it because Nigerian youths are mostly idle when it comes to political matters? Should we More...

By Lamin Sam Jaiteh On Friday, February 24th, 2017
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Gambia: Walking towards Fishing paradise

The Gambia’s endowed with a long stretch of beaches mainly used to attract tourists who flood into the country between October and April. But one other big activity along the strip is fishing which is struggling More...

By VOD Admin On Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

ABCs of a Realistic African Diaspora Engagement

By Roland Holou Almost every African country is trying to engage with its diaspora. However, when it comes to how to convince the African diaspora to work with their country of origin, the methods used are not working. More...

By VOD Admin On Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Generation Faced With Scarcity of Role Model

Generation Faced With Scarcity of Role Models By Patrick Nyumba Gone are the days when children used to emulate their parents. Every child’s dream was to grow and emulate their parents. Young men adored their More...

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