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Paris Of Africa: Abidjan

by: John Parks Anyone looking for a unique vacation destination should definitely check out Western Africa. Abidjan is the largest city in Cote d’Ivorie or “Ivory Coast,” making up 45% of the countries population. It is no longer the official capitol, but it is still the business and travel hub of Western Africa. The West African American Embassy More...

by VOD Admin | Published 1 year ago
By VOD Admin On Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
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Volunteer in Africa

by: Zablon Mukuba Volunteering in Africa is a new trend that is rising in the world. Many people are looking to Africa and find ways to help the local communities. Volunteering in Africa provides a host of new opportunities More...

By VOD Admin On Friday, February 3rd, 2017
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There’s A Lot More To Africa Than Famine And War

By: Clement Afforo Recently I was flipping between several of the major TV news networks who were reporting a variety of stories about Africa. All were focusing exclusively on war and famine. Come to think of it, More...

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